THE Professional Architectural Service


Baumgart Clark Architects places client service above all other factors, even design. This peculiar approach, which seems like common sense to most of our customers, is in fact quite radical when compared to the approach most architects take to the business of architecture.

Most architects place design at the very top of the hierarchy of importance. This is immediately obvious from the majority of architect’s business websites.

Have you noticed that Architect’s websites almost always focus on either the design product or themselves, and often have very little – or nothing at all – to say about their customers and their various worlds , or what those customers will experience when
working with them?

We understand the impulse to elevate design. After all, design is fun, and as a way of thinking it forms the essence of the problem-solving approach taken by most architects. More than that – good design makes everyone’s world a little bit richer, a little more beautiful, and hopefully, a lot more functional.

We love design. But then, we would, wouldn’t we? After all, we
are architects.

However – we did not establish this business to meet (just!) our own needs, or to elevate (only!) what we care about. We established this business to meet the needs of our clients, and design is just one tool (albeit a pretty sharp one) that we use to address our client’s challenges, and solve their problems.

Providing industry-leading, hands-on service, while building productive and lasting relationships with our customers, are the reasons Baumgart Clark Architects exists. Good design, and buildings that age economically and gracefully, are a given.