workplace design: tailored to what will ACTUALLY work for you, not the latest fad

Organisations of all sizes, in recent times, have seen their workplaces as major drawcards for new talent in a competitive talent market. The workplace is, of course, also the setting for productivity improvement, and improving it can have a positive impact on negative social workplace phenomena such as absenteeism. 

The rebirth of the workplace has been led partly by the tech giants - Google, Facebook, etc. - but also by smaller players in the technology sector. The cliché of the tech workspaces is of a somewhat 'zany' interior in some regards - ping-pong tables, X-Boxes and stations of free fresh fruit or sweets - but they also frequently include other things on the more practical side, like end-of-ride facilities and change rooms, gym areas and café-style breakout spaces, to name a few. 

The renewal of the workplace has also seen a groundswell of movement away from individual offices towards environments where teams, including Senior Executives, work mixed up in an open plan setting. Taking this to extremes has spawned, in turn, its own backlash, with some organisations swinging the pendulum back the other way.

100% Activity Based Working isn't for everyone.

We think that the New Workplace strives to be specific (to an organisation's needs) and authentic rather than 'original' - and the key is to understand how any new idea or inclusion may benefit a specific client's operations and community. BCA designs and consults in such a way that the actual needs of an organisation are determined, consensus built, and only then, the environment reshaped.

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