Churches, like other not-for-profit organisations, have to make a little stretch a long way.

This is true for new buildings and refurbishments. Of course as congregations age they change, and Church Communities or Dioceses may find that they have assets that are no longer required, with capital value that might be better placed elsewhere. We can equip our clients to make strategic decisions about their properties, as well as help with designing new facilities.

We love working with socially engaged clients. We appreciate it when a client holds a clear set of  values, and expects us to work within those values.

Baumgart Clark Architects enjoys working with communities with strong social values, and they have worked at various times for many different denominations - Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Uniting and Baptist communities and church leaders, to name a few.

BCA has also provided design expertise for organisations such as Uniting Care, Anglicare, the Brotherhood of Saint Laurence, Sacred Heart Mission and others.