Architecture for Public, Independent & private schools

Educational and pedagogical theory and practice both evolve quickly, in the public, independent and private school sectors.

We have worked with schools of all denominations and kinds, and understand that regardless of the current ‘fashionable educational theory or trend’, each School or College, and its community of parents, students and teachers, is unique. It follows, therefore, that the learning strategy at each School or College is also unique.

Educational institutions in the independent and private sector are facing ever stronger competition, providing their services in an increasingly crowded market. Public schools are facing the challenge of creating well-rounded learning experiences with less and less funds and resources.

While it does not account for everything, the design of a learning environment and its landscape are major enablers (or sometimes impediments) to the learning experience. The design of a School or College can be a powerful differentiating factor, adding value to the institution's pedagogical offering, and indeed supporting the learning strategy. This is important in all kinds of Schools.

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