We specialise in aged care design

We are all aware, through personal experience, that our population is ageing rapidly, and that design for the elderly is becoming a skill in demand. Ageing brings with it infirmity and frailty, but also sometimes diminished cognitive capacity - designing humane environments for people with dementia and other special needs is crucial to quality of life.

Baumgart Clark Architects has particular expertise in the design of not-for-profit aged care facilities, which inevitably have tighter budgets than outright commercial businesses providing aged care accommodation. The lack of payment of an entry bond and modest or no ongoing fees from residents means that the capital investment dollar must stretch further, while whole-of-life and operating costs must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Clever and timely decisions made regarding the sustainable design of buildings and services infrastructure can have real long-term savings. Delivering this advice at the right time is one of our special skills.

BCA aged care facilities ensure that the quality of life for otherwise disadvantaged residents will not be compromised, and that they will have an opportunity to age with dignity, in the communities and neighbourhoods that they know.

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