We specialise in YOUTH FOYER design

Baumgart Clark Architect's partners John and Marcus specialise in Youth Foyer Design, and have an expert understanding of the design issues relating to this important social building type. Youth foyers provide an integrated assisted education and living situation for young people aged 16 to 25 who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness. The concept is just finding traction here in Australia, whereas many already exist in the United Kingdom, and also in France where the concept was devised.

What makes Youth Foyers special is their measurable rate of success - they are a proven way to guide vulnerable young people out of the homelessness and welfare dependency spiral, with overwhelmingly excellent results.

BCA is currently collaborating with Colin Falconer, the former Director of Innovation and Head of Learning & Accreditation at The Foyer Federation, which is based in London UK. Colin travels the world speaking and consulting around the principles and practice of Youth Foyer establishment and accreditation. He is the Director of the organisation Inspire Chilli, which 'makes inspiration work for good'.

Did you know that...prior to establishing Baumgart Clark Architects, while they were both employed in a previous practice, John and Marcus were instrumental in designing and delivering the Kangan Education First Youth Foyer in Broadmeadows, Victoria Australia, for Launch Housing (previously Hanover) and the Brotherhood of St Laurence.