Design is one of the sharpest tools in the architect’s toolbox.

Design is partly a method of giving shape and form to buildings, interiors and objects; it is about the way we make things look, how they function, and how they are made. But we would also like you to dig a little deeper than that: design is also a powerful method of problem solving.

In the world of design, a ‘problem’ isn’t a negative thing at all: this is just the name we give to the range of challenges being addressed and resolved by the design solutions, which is what we call our proposals.

We particularly love difficult problems, as they almost always inspire the most interesting solutions.

The more complex our customer’s needs, the more innovative and lateral-thinking our response needs to be. We love that!

But how is it going to look?

We believe in a clean, contemporary and modern design language, and we strive for a level of simplicity in our buildings and interiors. We love ‘expressing’ (using visually) direct, natural and raw materials – bricks, concrete, glass and steel – and believe strongly in making our buildings sustainable and responsive to their setting.

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