Professional Copy Writing

Did you know that Marcus Baumgart of Baumgart Clark Architects also provides a professional copy writing service? This part of our business, known as 'The Words Man', is an extension of Marcus's 18 years of freelance journalism, and experience writing editorial copy for different print-media and online readerships.

Marcus has more than 50 articles in print in the Australian and international design media, across a range of publications including Houses Magazine and Artichoke, the Journal of the Design Institute of Australia, Urbis (New Zealand) and Azure Magazine (Canada).

You can find a large repository of Marcus' journal articles at the Architecture AU website.

For further examples of Marcus' writing skill, visit the Taubmans Case Studies page here (these case studies were written by Marcus in June and July 2015).

You can visit Marcus's writing business website here:

The Words Man

Fantastic article, interview. Beautifully written and expressed, supported by the right images. It’s possibly the most ‘on brand’ external communication of the last three years.
— Dennis Paphitis, the Founder of Aesop, regarding an essay by Marcus Baumgart in Artichoke Magazine