Baumgart Clark Architects is a business created by John A. Clark and Marcus Baumgart, consolidating a working relationship of more than fifteen years prior to establishment.

BCA was started as an intentionally ‘lean’ business, with only the two partners initially working in the business. Many architecture practices begin in this way.

What was unusual, however, was that the new business aimed high from day one. Instead of starting with small residential jobs and fiddly house extensions (like most young practices), and then slowly building up to larger and larger projects, in the third year of operation the business was already responsible for more than $70 million in construction dollars across dozens of live projects.

With this success came new challenges.

When BCA was still small, John and Marcus could confidently make the promise to their customers that they would be involved directly – hands on - in the execution of all of the business’s projects.

Handballing’ is what happens in large consultancy firms, where senior staff who are involved in winning work (the ‘sales’ team), subsequently ‘handball’ the project’s responsibilities to more junior staff (the delivery team), after the customer has signed on the dotted line. This phenomenon rates as one of the consultancy industry’s most-voiced complaints, and with good reason.

Once BCA began to grow, John and Marcus devised a way to ensure that their promise of 'no handballing' would still be true. After all, the most enduring thing that they want to build is a lasting relationship with each and every customer.

This approach involves a commitment to the ongoing education and professional elevation of the broader team, as they continue to grow under John and Marcus' guidance. While the projects are delivered now by teams of both senior and junior staff under their guidance, both John and Marcus make themselves available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their mobile numbers are found on this website on the contacts page.