Design Feasibility Study Example Plan



We are skilled at undertaking quick and efficient feasibility studies for sites, whether owned by developers or organisations or for pre-purchase advice. Our long history with site development, particularly with residential development, means that we can rapidly determine the capacity of a given site to support future uses. We undertake this work on a quick turnaround time with the additional advice of best-in-industry town planning consultants, traffic engineers and others as required.

If you have a site that you are considering, and you or your organisation have aspirations to develop it for housing or organisational purposes, a quick design feasibility study can avoid the mistake of costly property investments that do not support your vision, and may not meet your needs in terms of physical or planning capacity. We invite you to contact Director John Clark on 0404 872 317 to explore engaging us for this cost-effective, rapid service.

Example dwelling type sheet that accompanies the Site Master Plan